Felix Costa

Hi, I'm Felix Costa

I'm CTO and partner at Sotero Tech and has 8 years of experience with software development.
Graduated in Information Systems at UNIME-BA, I currently serves as leader of development teams and as a solutions architect.

My dedication and passion for solving problems through technology and contact with several different markets made me go from being an intern to becoming a partner at Sotero.
Passionate about code, I believes that technology has the power to change lives and transforms this challenge into lines of code. Self-taught, I have experience with several different technologies, languages and frameworks.

  • PHP: Symfony, Laravel, Zend Framework, Phalcon, Slim, ReactPHP, Joomla, Opencart;
  • JavaScript: ES6+, Nodejs, React, React Native, Vuejs, TypeScript, Angular, GraphQL;
  • .NET: C#, ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework
  • MySQL, SQL Server, Postgres, MongoDB, ElasticSearch;
  • Docker, CI/CD, Agile


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September 6, 2017

DesignPatterns.js - Padrões de projeto usando JavaScript (Padrões de criação)

Nesse vídeo gravado para o GDG de Lauro de Freitas, abordo os padrões de projeto de criação usando JavaScript para os exemplos